Effective Home Remedies for ED

• Egg, honey and carrot
One of the spiciest, tasty and medicinally effective home remedies for ED is egg, honey and fried carrot mix. The egg is rich in protein while honey is full of vitamins and minerals. You need a half bowl fried chopped carrot, one half boiled egg and 3 tbsp pure honey. Mix them all. Consume it every day. You can make this mixture as your daily meal because it does excellent for curing erectile dysfunction.

• Ginger and honey
It’s believed that ginger and honey mix works excellent to cure erectile dysfunction. Ginger and honey mix can be taken as a great home remedy for Ed. You need to squeeze a fresh ginger to make it a juice. Take the ginger juice in a cup and add at least 3 tbsp honey. Consume this remedy 3X daily to get an amazing result for erectile dysfunction. You should continue this remedy at least 1-2 months.

• Ladies finger
Ladies finger is known as the seasonal vegetable though it can be a great tonic for treating erectile dysfunction. It significantly cures ED, thins semen and solves other sexual defects. You can take ladies finger as a fried vegetable with your main meal. Take some fresh ladies fingers and chop them equally into two slices each. Fry them with onion and green chili. Continue consuming ladies finger as much possible.

• Walnut with honey
Walnut mixing with honey is a very handy home remedy for ED that provides zinc, iron and amino acid. All these properties play an important role to control the functionality of sex organs. Walnut also helps to maximize the blood flow. Walnut with honey should be taken at least twice a day for 2 month course to treat effectively.

• Onion
Onion is a very common kitchen spice. But the health benefits of onion are quite a bit impressive and its one of the effective home remedies for ED. Onion contains aphrodisiacs that thin blood and improve sexual functionality. You can take onion in different ways. It can be taken as soup and even with salad mix. A kind of onion soup can be consumed before bedtime.

• Garlic
Garlic is a popular herbal for its strong anti-inflammatory property. Garlic contains an anti-inflammatory agent called allicin that helps to increase blood flow through the sexual organs. Garlic can be taken with milk or butter. To make this home remedy, what all you need are- 2 tbsp garlic extract and a cup of milk. You can add 1 tbsp honey with it to make it tastier. You should carry this remedy on for 2-3 months for best result.

• Carrot
You should give a thank to carrot for its outstanding action for healing sexual defects like ED. You can enjoy the taste of carrot every day with your daily meal. Chopped carrot is a popular salad mix while fried carrot with egg is very impressive. Be a friend of carrot if you are the ED victim.

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