Amazing Benefits Of Bael Fruit

• Digestion – As the bael fruit bears strong digestive properties, its regular use gives relief from any kind of digestive discomfort. In case of disease like diarrhea and dysenteries it is found very useful as it cleans up and promotes normal intestinal functioning. It tones up the digestive track and alimentary canal to allow proper bowl movements. Reap bael fruit is natural laxative and removes constipation complaints.

• Respiratory Infections – Medicated oil made up of bael leaf cures cold and respiratory disorders due to certain infections. The equal mixture of juice of bael leaf and sesame oil is the best remedy to get rid of cold, cough and asthma.

• Scurvy – We know that Scurvy is caused due to the deficiency of vitamin C. As bael fruits are rich source of the same vitamin so it helps to recover from the deficiency and cures scurvy.

• Peptic Ulcer – In case of peptic ulcer and related pain, an infusion of bael leaves is very effective. As the bael leaves are rich source of tannins which has anti-inflammatory properties that treats peptic ulcer and gives comfort from the pain.

• Diabetes – The bael fruits are rich in fiber and have mild laxative effect what makes it useful in the treatment of disease like diabetes.

• Fever & Catarrh – Honey along with the juice of bael leaves gives relief from Fever and Catarrh.

• Chronic Inflammation – The anti-inflammatory property of bael fruit is due to the element naming tannins which heals the chronic inflammation. It is also works well in case of gynecological problems and gives relief from related pain.

• Snake Bites – The root and leaves of bael are used in the treatment of snake bites from ancient times and found very effective.

• The bael fruit also bears anti-fungal and anti–malarial properties, good to use in the treatment of malaria.

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