Add a Pinch of Cinnamon Powder in Your Juice

Every home should have a bottle of cinnamon powder in the kitchen. Add a pinch of this spice into your juice daily to enjoy its impressive list of health benefits.

Cinnamon has been found to have an “insulin-like” bioactive compound that significantly improves blood glucose level.

In order for spices to be effective, eat a decent healthy diet that includes lots of fruits and vegetables. Reduce/eliminate highly processed/refined foods, flour and sugar products, and a diet high in fats.

– Regulates blood sugar levels
– Reduces cholesterol levels
– Aids digestion
– Relieves sinus congestion
– Relieves joint pains
– Relieves muscles stiffness
– Reduces inflammation and arthritis pains
– Prevents tooth decay and gum diseases
– Improves blood circulation
– Relieves menstruation cramps
And many more!


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